Verdugo Tool & Engineering strives for and is recognized in quality custom designed metal stamping products and services. We are certified to ISO 9001 industry standards. If there is a type of certification that is implied, please inquire, we may meet or exceed the criteria. Our goal is to consistently provide an overall quality experience that will keep you coming back by supplying on-time defect-free products that will perform reliably.

We have built a reputation for success over the last 65 years by dedicating our focus to producing quality products. Our Quality Assurance Department is capable of measuring tolerances down to .001” and commonly deals with restrictions in the .005”-.030” Range. We utilize department leads to provide input on inspection methods, check gauges, and or routing notes that may reduce the risk of future error.

Our quality inspectors work closely with our tooling and development engineers to build in quality and reliability from the start. We then follow the product through every manufacturing process, including subcontract and outside specialty services, to assure that every aspect is correct to your most demanding specifications. We are constantly improving processes and procedures for every product and building our experience into every new production run.

Verdugo Tool & Engineering is continuously implementing process improvements through age tested preventive/corrective action procedures. If issues do occur, Verdugo Tool & Engineering is dedicated to finding the root cause and implementing resolutions that eliminate the risk of future occurrence.

Our Quality Assurance Department Capabilities Include:

  • Certificate Of Conformance
  • First Article Reports to AS9102 Standards
  • Material Certifications; Chemical & Physical
  • DFARs Compliant Materials with Certification
  • ROHS Compliance Documentation
  • Mercury Free Environment Certification
  • Lot Traceability
  • Record Retention Available for Examination Upon Request
  • Measuring and Test Equipment Calibrated to meet ISO Requirements
  • Corrective Action Resolution
  • Process Improvement Versatility

We are convinced that you won’t find another sheet metal stamper as driven and dedicated to producing high quality work than us. Reach out to one of our sales specialists and request a quote today!