At Verdugo Tool & Engineering, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for all your sheet metal stamping needs. With over 50 years of experience, we have found it necessary to offer a multitude of extra services in order ensure the level of quality and precision customers have grown to expect from Verdugo Tool & Engineering. Included are a handful of our most important services:

Tumble Deburr

When we blank or pierce sheet metal the shearing action between the punch and die leave a sharp edge that can be undesirable for our customers. Likewise when laser cutting it is common for the edges to be sharp. The solution to this is to either manually break the edge with an abrasive wheel or via a tumble deburr process. This process exposes the part to tumbling media which contain edges that will mechanically break down the sharp burrs on sheet metal parts. Using a variety of tumbling media we can quickly and efficiently deburr a variety of parts.
Tumble Deburr
Another benefit of our tumbling department is the finishes we are able to achieve with our different tumbling media and burnishing compounds. If you want a bright shiny finish to your parts or a dull matte finish we have you covered. We can also rough up the surfaces either in tumbling or using sandblast media to prep them for powder coating or plating. With Verdugo Tool & Engineering your parts will come out looking perfect.

Give us a call or submit a quote and ask what our tumbling department can do for you today.

OV Processing

Over the last 50 years we have gathered a list of outside vendors (OV’s) that we have partnered with to provide excellent processing to customer parts. These vendors have been vetted via our ISO 9001:2015 QMS for quality and accreditation.
OV Processing
All of our partnered vendors are approved and certified NADCAP, RoHS, ITAR, ISO, AS9100, etc. These vendors provide a wide variety of services including but not limited to the following:

  • Plating: The process of plating electrochemically bonds a thin layer of a secondary metal (i.e. gold, nickel, or chrome) to clients’ parts. This is done for aesthetics as well as functionality. In many cases the plating material will enhance a certain property of the part like conductivity or corrosion resistance.
  • Passivating: Passivation is a common chemical treatment technique for stainless steel and other alloys that enhances the corrosion resistance of the affected surfaces. It also does a great job at removing the surface contaminants on the parts.
  • Heat treating: Heat treating is the process of heating and cooling metal in a certain way to change its physical properties. Two of the most common heat treating processes are annealing and hardening. Annealing makes the part more flexible and removes some of the stress while hardening stiffens the part and makes it more wear resistant.
  • Other OV Processes: The list of OV partners we have at Verdugo Tool & Engineering is long and extensive. Other processes that we can offer to clients via our partnerships that might be useful are acid etching, powder coating, anodizing, double disc grinding, etc.

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Wire EDM

At Verdugo Tool & Engineering we make use of two top of the line Mitsubishi wire EDMs every single day. The majority of the time they are used to support the die room in making new tooling for our clients, but oftentimes they are used to machine customer parts as well.
Wire EDM
There are a number of situations where it would be advantageous to machine parts using EDM. Here are a couple of the most common:

  • Extreme precision: Generally for blanking and/or piercing operations we can hold tolerances of +/- .001 but for thicker materials or dimensions that require more precision wire EDM is necessary. In these cases we can make a fixture for the part and wire cut the requisite feature.
  • Exotic material/shape: Oftentimes we are required to make large intricate shapes or blanks out of exotic materials that don’t always lend themselves to stamping (or would get damaged in the stamping process). In these cases we can wire EDM the parts and preserve the finish and integrity of the material.

As a third generation sheet metal stamping house, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any problem you may have and deliver leading manufacturing solutions saving you time and money. Contact us or submit a quote today and see how we can overdeliver on your next project.

CNC Machining

With over 50 years of sheet metal stamping experience, we have come to appreciate the importance of CNC machining and the role it plays in refining stamped parts. Though the CNC machines in our shop generally support the tool room, there are many instances where they are used to finish putting hard to stamp features in parts.
CNC Machining
There are two common situations where CNC machining might be the way to go with your parts. They are as follows:

  • Hard to stamp shapes: Routinely customers will have requirements for slots or angles/shapes on edges of a part that are impossible to form with conventional stamping processes. In these cases it is best to CNC machine the features into the part. This is cheaper and faster than forming them and prevents warping and other undesirable effects in the parts.
  • Surface finish: On holes that will become bearing surfaces for switches, gates, or other parts proper clearance and surface finish is an important aspect to consider. When piercing a hole there is some breakage and galling (usually more apparent in thicker materials) from the shear forces so if we need a cleaner hole we recommend to drill or ream it to the finished size. This way the hole is consistent in diameter all the way through and has a nice smooth finish.

Whether you need to quickly develop a prototype or want custom engineered manufacturing solutions to your million part project, Verdugo Tool & Engineering is your preferred partner. Over the last 50 years we have seen everything and have a refined solution to every challenge. Contact us today and let us get started on your next project.

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