At Verdugo Tool & Engineering we service a number of different industries. We are a highly versatile sheet metal stamping shop with over 50 years of experience. Whether it is low volume super high accuracy aerospace parts or millions of commercial consumer products at less than a penny apart, we got you covered. There is no job too big or too small for Verdugo Tool & Engineering. 

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Back in the day–before Verdugo Tool & Engineering was ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR certified–our bread and butter were making commercial parts. Though we have branched out into other industries, we are still a cheap, high-capacity commercial stamping house capable of making millions of parts a year. Some examples of parts we make include brackets, hinges, mounting plates, and various other internal components.


In recent years, Verdugo Tool & Engineering has hung its hat on making high precision, mission-critical aerospace components for a variety of different developers. Not only is the quality of the parts second to none, but our ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS provides a level of confidence and traceability that is unmatched in the industry. Examples of parts we make for aerospace include brackets, switches, hinges, springs, filter housings, and more. Each of these parts either goes into an assembly for use in airplane controls or in the actual aircraft itself.


Verdugo Tool & Engineering has always been there to support the medical industry. That effort was redoubled during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure that all of our clients were able to support the influx in patients and demand for products. We worked tirelessly around the clock checking in with our teams daily to make sure we were meeting the ever-changing demands of the industry. From pacemaker parts to parts that assist in the operating room, we literally have our finger on the pulse of the medical industry.



Ever since we gained our ITAR compliance, Verdugo Tool & Engineering has been a major player in the defense industry. We work closely with some of the top companies to help develop their mission-critical products. Additionally, we also work with independent contractors in the retail space to develop and manufacture their private and home defense products. Some of our major milestones include developing and manufacturing missile brackets, missile control system components, and 3rd party custom Glock parts.



The consumer and aerospace electronics industries are dependent on suppliers that can provide large volumes of precise and reliable parts–two things Verdugo Tool & Engineering excels at. We have over 50 years of experience making all kinds of connectors, switches, springs, and contacts in a variety of different shapes and configurations.


With the advent of electric vehicles and the explosion in battery technology, the energy industry is making a tectonic shift from fossil fuels to renewables. Likewise, Verdugo Tool & Engineering is always on our toes ready to make any rapid changes necessary to stay on top. We have a number of partnerships in the energy industry and are always looking to add more. Let us put our 50 years of experience to work for you.


For years we have had strong partnerships with the automotive industry. Whether it is making parts that support the biggest brands in the world or bespoke parts for high-end racers we have seen it all. Our company has made everything from arbor press tools for forming TRD badges, laser cutting decorative door sills for Nissan and Kia, EDM machining high precision clutch hubs for race cars, bespoke replacement clutches for antique cars, and even engine covers for tractors.


Food Processing

Similar to our experience in the commercial sector, Verdugo Tool & Engineering has over 50 years of experience working in the industrial food processing industry. These parts are often massive volumes and the parts are extremely cosmetic. Care must be taken with these orders because a few marks on the tool will ruin the entire order. Fortunately, our QC department has more than enough experience to handle it.