We Value our Partnerships

At Verdugo Tool & Engineering we don’t have customers or clients, we have relationships. We prefer to foster a dedicated partnership with each of our buyers and their engineers because we aren’t just a supplier–we are a team. We see their successes as our success. Because of this bond, we are able to openly communicate back and forth to develop a product that is effective and easy to produce. This allows us and our partners to thrive.

What our Clients Say

Check out some of the glowing reviews our partners have left us:

“PTI Technologies, Inc. has built a strong working relationship by partnering with Verdugo Tool & Engineering for more than 40 years. Verdugo Tool has consistently provided excellent engineering support for new products, proactively bringing new and innovative ideas to manufacturing processes. Their excellent customer service team and well-trained staff ensure top-quality products are delivered on time. I have personally worked closely with Verdugo Tool & Engineering for over 10 years and highly recommend them. They are a one-stop shop.”

David P. Montgomery
Senior Buyer
PTI Technologies, Inc.

“Verdugo Tool & Engineering has been a great vendor of ours for years. They are very reliable and do first-class quality work. They are prompt and a pleasure to work with. I truly recommend Verdugo Tool & Engineering.”

Oscar Ochoa
General Manager
Papco Parts

“Verdugo Tool provides quality work and on-time delivery at a very affordable price. I highly recommend them.”

James Greiss
Lead Quality Inspector

“Verdugo Tool is a terrific supplier. They provide quality products and great lead times. They have also helped us in expediting parts to meet our customers’ delivery dates.”

Michael Rivera
Production Planner
RSA Engineering


“Verdugo Tool & Engineering always goes above and beyond for us, whether it’s designing, engineering, or machining. The communication is prompt and seamless, and we consistently receive excellent customer service.”